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Gulfvakil Law partners is a legal and corporate consulting firm headquartered in Dubai-in Association with Ibrahim Khouri Lawyers and Legal Consultants  with operational bases in Asian, Arab and European continents through direct, branch, associate and representative offices.


Corporate & Commercial Transactions 


We provide advice in a practical, sophisticated, responsible and innovative manner in specialized areas with utmost priority to the client’s needs, timelines and budgets.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

A cost-effective and relatively less formal alternative to court litigation operated through the established ADR centers.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

If you are looking for private capital or if you are making an investment, we can help in both cases with appropriate strategy and protection.

Criminal Law


Comprehensive legal counsel encompassing all phases of the criminal judicial process to strategize and initiate or to defend any penal actions through appropriate channels.

Maritime Law


Boutique firm to oversee and handle the legal complications of the Maritime industry including draft, review, vet and Negotiate maritime agreements and contracts.

Aviation Law


Legal counsel to advise on landing and operating rights, violations of aviation regulations, acquisition and disposal of aircraft, financial-lease and operational-lease.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Comprehensive IPR services including registration, protection, licensing and enforcement.

Business Immigration


We help you navigate the complex system of immigration law to achieve your business goals.

Mergers & Acquisitions


We provide legal expertise and the industry knowledge required to deal with M&A's in the region.

Technology and Technology Transactions

We serve a wide array of technology clients, including technology creators, users and investors, from seed funds to venture capital including start-ups at affordable costs.

Competition: Antitrust & Foreign Investment

Our specialized and experienced lawyers serve national and International entities to effectively resolve the legal challenges in this area.

Construction: Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure development is a dynamic phenomenon especially where international entitles cater to the investment. The legal side of the documentations must be catered to well.

Real Estate Development

We advise on legal issues involved in buying, selling, developing, financing, restructuring, building, leasing and managing properties globally.


A form of alternative dispute resolution to resolve disputes through arbitration centers under the adopted laws in compliance

with the agreed rules.

Cross-Border Corporate Transactions


Drafting and negotiating of international commercial contracts in all fields of commerce and international trade and service.

Anti-Money Laundering Law (AML)


Advice on laws and procedures to assure the compliance with the AML, Economic Substance and other regulations of respective authorities in concerned jurisdictions.

Company Incorporation Services


Equipped to structure the incorporation strategies with the execution formula globally through holding or independent incorporation principles as per the clients requirements.

Employment & Labour


A specialized team of consultants to advise on cross border recruitment, domestic employment,  human resources supply, HR policies and manual, employment disputes, claims, etc.

Oil, Gas and Energy


Advising and representing project proponents, lending institutions, equipment and technology suppliers, contractors and community groups for project contracts, acquisitions, structuring, JV and other all ancillary legal Arrangements.

Entertainment, Sports and Media

We advice independent producers, sports organizations, media companies or individual artists and performers in the field to protect their respective interests and ensure compliance to the regulations.

Finance: Legal Islamic Finance 

Specialized knowledge in structured finance, project finance, asset-based lending, SPV Arrangements and asset security under conventional and Islamic financing, banking litigation and loan recovery/ insolvency restructuring.


We help the industry firms, professionals  and stake holders for assuring the compliance and medico-legal practices in addition to the corporate legal practice of the firm.

International Trade

We help to navigate international trade and investment related legal structures,Multi-party arrangements and transnational vehicles across the globe.

Fraud & Asset Recovery

We offer all aspects of fraud and corruption investigation, recovery plan design and asset recovery for a wide variety of clients.


We advice on ongoing risk analysis, analysis of liability and damage issues, together with clear recommendations on possible 

methods of resolution.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Disputes are a part of doing business; resolving them is our business. A Business accompanied by a good lawyer can smartly avoid it by foreseeing it, or can assess it and manage it accordingly.

Wealth Management, Will, and Family Law

We are equipped to give perfect solutions to all sort of clients, be it owner of wealth, the inheritor, or the financial adviser.



Gulfvakil Law Partners strongly believe that the mechanical approach to legal services has limited scope. The industry needs to be looked at from a project-oriented strategic point of view. The conventional approach of initiating action on an issue-basis must be changed. Gulfvakil  Law Partners aims to establish the legal service domain with project oriented strategic approach. Gulfvakil  Law Partners makes efforts to break the territorial boarders of legal services via the concepts such as virtual legal counsel as much as possible while recognizing the importance of face to face legal service through their Global Legal Network. Gulfvakil  firmly believes that legal service should be accessible at everyone's fingertips. In this digital age of ODC courts, we perceive that the clients should be able to get the service of a lawyer without physical meeting for non-litigious matters.

Abduraheem Padinhare

Founder and Chief Legal Counsel

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Shaumik B.H. Saha

Director, Client Affairs 

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Virtual Counsel at Law (VCL)

VCL is an online attorney physically seated at an offshore jurisdiction available globally for consultation , advising , strategy making, legal documentation (drafting, reviewing, vetting) and other non-litigious work. VCL is more cost effective compared to the engagement of a lawyer at your location due to its nature of outsourcing. 


VCL can be useful for the following services 

  • General Consultation 

  • Corporate Legal consultation and Advisory 

  • Corporate Strategy Formation

  • Corporate Governance 

  • Legal Strategy Formation 

  • Litigation Planning 

  • Investment Advisory    

  • Asset planing, will, etc.

  • Drafting, reviewing, structure, restructure of various contracts and agreements 


Generally, the VCL has been consulted prior to engaging a lawyer at concerned jurisdictions.

Hire VCL monthly or Annually:

on the complete satisfaction of the customer, VCL can be hired under a monthly/ annual Agreement  on agreed terms 

Engage The Counsel (ETC)


ETC is a physically seated qualified attorney/ law-firm/ corporate service provider at the concerned jurisdiction where the client is in need of the service. ETC can be contacted and reached with prior appointment depending upon the requirements. 

Direct ETC Can be useful for the following services:

  • Litigation at the court of law

  • Arbitration 

  • Mediation 

  • Initiating the criminal or administrative action with prosecution or courts

  • Immediate legal Assistance to prevent the danger

  • Cyber Security issues 

  • Rental disputes

  • Complex legal issues 

  • Complex corporate structuring 

  • Governance issues 



Gulfvakil is a Virtual Legal Counsel (VLC) developed and managed by the Gulfvakil Law Partners, a partnership firm Head quartered at Cochin and Dubai with operational bases in Asian,Arab and European continents through direct, branch, associate and representative offices. Gulfvakil Partners Does not Have the right of representation in any jurisdiction. The delivery of services are operated through it is representing partners in the concerned jurisdiction.



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MEA Office: Al-Hudaiba Award Building , PO box No. 115565, Dubai-UAE

Email: vcl@gulfvakil.com

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