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The AED 5,000 Pioneers business license from Ajman Freezone aims to encourage young entrepreneurship

One of the many innovative business set up packages that are offered at Ajman Freezone is the Pioneers Package, priced at only AED 5,000 including costs for a business license, share register, Ajman Chamber of Commerce certificate, establishment card, a flexi desk space, and 1 visa quota. Learn more about how you can qualify for one.

an aerial view of the Ajman coastline
An aerial view of the Ajman coastline (Image credit: Arabian Business)

About Ajman freezone:

Established in 1988, Ajman Freezone (AFZ) is an economic free trade zone located in the emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates.

It is one of the oldest and most well established economic freezones in the UAE and continues to offer an an unrivalled selection of innovative company set up options.

Some key benefits of incorporating within Ajman Freezone are as follows;

- 100% foreign ownership

- No corporate taxation

- 5% VAT exemption when trading within AFZ or with other UAE freezones

- Convenient repatriation of profits in full

- Affordable company set up packages starting from AED 5,000

- Over 100+ business activities to chose from

- Low cost options for land leasing

- Flexible office space options

- Ample low cost labor available in Ajman

- Low immigration and visa costs compared to other emirates

- A well developed city with world class infrastructure

an image of fairmont ajman
Fairmont Ajman (Image credit: Tripadvisor)

The Ajman Freezone Pioneers License:

One of the many innovative business set up packages that are offered at Ajman Freezone is the Pioneers Package, priced at only AED 5,000.

To qualify business owners must be aged between 20 and 30 years of age, and present a sound business plan from a select list of activities. It is the only freezone in the UAE that enables such young business owners to set up their own company and gain residence visas in the UAE to work, live and carry out business. Most other jurisdictions require business owners to be at least 21 years of age, besides requiring much larger investments to set up a company.

What's included in the Pioneers package?

The AED 5,000 package includes a business license, share register, Ajman Chamber of Commerce certificate, establishment card, a flexi desk space, and 1 visa quota.

What additional charges are there?

There are additional charges for MOA issuance, immigration costs for visa issuance and any other services that business owners may require. However, compared to the average cost of setting up a business in the UAE of around AED 30,000 this is a very good offer for young entrepreneurs to get started in the world of business with low overheads.

For a detailed quote please reach out to us.

Being the forward thinking freezone that Ajman Freezone is, they recognize the need to facilitate and empower the business leaders of tomorrow and by means of this package have helped many young and aspiring business owners get started.

an image of flag island sharjah
Flag Island, Sharjah (Image credit: Time Out Sharjah)

Pioneers License Activity list:

Applicants for the Pioneers License must chose one the following activities. Do keep in mind that activity lists change frequently and we advise you to check the availability for your preferred activity before you start the incorporation process. Reach out to us, and we'd be glad to assist with this.

  • Management consultancy

  • Account auditing

  • Personal assistance

  • Project management

  • Marketing specialist

  • Customer relations specialist

  • Accountant

  • Event specialist

  • Business analyst

  • Auditor

  • Sustainability consultant

  • Administrative consultancy and studies

  • Advertising researchers and consultancies

  • Information technology consultancy

  • Web designer

  • Data entry

  • Cyber security specialist

  • Data migration specialist

  • Network specialist

  • Infographic designer

  • SQL expert

  • Programmer

  • Online sale specialist

  • Educational consultancy

  • Computer instructor

  • Researcher

  • Marketing studies researches

  • Sports trainer

  • Interior design engineering consultancy

  • Technical architect

  • Specification (Spec.) writer

  • Workplace consultant

  • Interior designer

  • Design architect

  • Sole proprietor

  • Urban designer

  • Media consultancy and studies

  • Journalist

  • Musician

  • Photographer

  • Animator

  • Press Producer

  • Press Editor

  • Press writer

  • Press photographer

  • News editor

  • Artist

  • Writer

  • Marketing specialist

  • Women personal care and beauty

  • Nutritionist

  • Makeup artist

an image of ajman freezone headquarters in ajman
Ajman Freezone HQ, Ajman (Image credit: AFZ)

Limitations of the Pioneers package:

Whilst we have highlighted many pros of setting up in Ajman freezone with the Pioneer's package, there are limitations to it that may not make it ideal for all business-owners.

For one, this package is meant solely for one person companies and freelancers. It only provides one visa quota for the owner themselves. You cannot, in the future, hire more employees or sponsor more visas on the same license. The only way to do so would be to cancel the Pioneers license and obtain a new license with a higher visa quota. This may not be ideal for businesses that intend to expand their workforce significantly in the near future. License cancellation has additional costs and procedures.

Business owners may be required to travel to Ajman for certain parts of the incorporation process and for their medical test before visa issuance. The office space provided is also located in Ajman. Albeit it is a great locality, it may be a long journey for businessowners residing in Dubai. On average a drive from Dubai to Ajman may take you around 30 to 40 minutes, while the RTA intercity bus and metro can take about 2 hours. We urge you to factor this in before making a decision.

We would would also recommend you read our article on factors to consider before setting up a freezone company in the UAE for more insight on how you can weigh the benefits and limitations of available options to chose the right freezone company set up option for you.

Conclusive remarks:

The Ajman Freezone Pioneers license is a great option for solopreneurs, one person companies and freelancers looking for a quick, cost effective company setup and visa in the UAE. It provides an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to put their business ideas into action.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on setting up a company in the UAE.

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